IFBB Academy Educational Program » Basic Nutrition Course

Course Description

 This IFBB Academy course will provide students with an understanding of human nutrient requirements and how these are met through the digestion, absorption and metabolism of food. Also, we will explain the importance of micronutrients in normal cell functioning, building bones and allowing enzymes, muscles and nerves to function. Also, a series of basic supplements will be analysed regarding claims made for performance enhancement.




• Basic principles of Sports Nutrition
- Carbohydrates
- Proteins
- Fats & Oils
- Supplements
- Fibre

• Sports Supplements Analysis
- BCAA’s (Branched Chain aminoacids)
- Leucine
- Isoleucine
- Valine
- L-Carnitine
- Taurine
- Inosine
- Creatine
- Glutamine


• Doping and its natural alternatives
- Natural anabolic nutrition
- Effects of Doping substances
- Uses and abuses of anabolic steroids
- Natural nutritional alternatives


• Practical Nutrition
- Weight Loss Diets
- Weight Gain Diets
- Basic Cookery for Muscles