IFBB Academy Educational Program » Advanced Body Building and Fitness Trainer Course

Course Description

The aim of this IFBB Academy course is to enable students to further advance the theoretical knowledge, competencies and skills that are appropriate to consistent success at the advanced coaching level. Students will learn how to devise, conduct and evaluate exercise programmes, how to assess clients with diverse medical backgrounds and various physical activity levels.


Theme 1: Basic Concepts of the Musculosceletal System
• The Bony System
• The Articular System
• The Muscular System


Theme 2: General Physiology
• The Joint System
• The Bony System
• The Muscle Physiology
• The Energy Metabolism
• The Endocrine System


Theme 3: Physiology of Exercise
• The Cadiovascular System
• Physiological Responses and Adaptations to Weight Training
• Proprioception and Neuromuscular Control
• Safe Prescription for Special Populations
• Hemodinamic Factors and Cardiovascular Incidents


Theme 4: Musculosceletal Injuries
• Injury Types
• The three stages of injury
• Equipment Risks
• Prevention of Injuries
• Recommendations
• Factors affecting recovery


Theme 5: Basic Concepts of Anthropometrics
• Tools used for mesurments
• Corporal size
• Anthropometric Characteristics of the Body
• Somatotypes
• Body proportions


Theme 6: Kinesiological Foundations of Weight Training
• Types Of Muscular Contraction
• Functional classification of body muscles
• Muscles And their movements
• Movements And Specific Muscles


Theme 7: Biomechanical Foundations of Weight Training
• Kinematics applied to Weight Training
• Kinetics applied to Weight Training


Theme 8: Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics to weight training
• Triceps
• Biceps
• Pectorals
• Back
• Thigh
• Legs
• Abdominals
• Trapezius & Neck muscles

Theme 9: Training Cycles

• Training Principles (Basic and Advanced)
• Warm up Exercises
• Streching Exercises
• Breathing and Muscle Relaxation Techniques
• Cardiovascular Training


Theme 10: Questionnaires and Controls


Theme 11: Safety training
• Staff preparedeness
• Risk awareness

Theme 12: Gym Organisation and Administration

• Gym rules and policies
• Staff responsibilities
• Equipment operation and maintenance